Past events

Fall Recruitment Panel

How do you get recruited? How can I make my resume stand out? What are the tricks to networking? What should/shouldn’t I do on LinkedIn? Our panel of industry professionals from Chanel, Synclaire Brands, and Choice Associates graciously gave CFIN members advice on making their way through the fashion industry. Thanks to our VP of Outreach, Kevin!


On Halloween day, members of CFIN and FSAD students shared their experiences at their internships this year. The speakers included: Lena Jiao, Caroline Brown, Grace Anderson, Lia Cernauskas, Yejee Yoon, Cali Chussid, and Oona Kyung. Thanks to our VP of Outreach Kevin for the pictures!

NYC Trip 2018

Some of our members, along with our club president, took an amazing trip to New York City to meet some of our fabulous alums doing brilliant things in the industry! We met up with Cornellians at Kate Spade, Soludos, Synclaire Brands, The Laundress, and Choice Fashion & Media Associates. It was a great opportunity and we are immensely grateful to have been offered it. The following are some of the pictures from the trip, provided by Grace Anderson, a member of our team. Enjoy!

Marina Levine - How to not take no for an answer.

Marina Levine, an FSAD Alum, came back to give the members of CFIN and any other visitors a talk on how to not take no for an answer. She spoke of the trials and tribulations she had encountered on her journey to where she is now, the CEO of Capsule Collective International, a shoe brand.


Vogue Forces of Fashion Conference 2017

"Vogue's Forces of Fashion‍‍‍ conference was the first event of its kind: On October 12th in New York City, the world’s most talented designers engaged in a series of intimate and informative dialogues with our editors. These were no holds barred conversations and nothing was off the table; everything about what it means to be designing and working in 2017 was up for discussion." -

Click here to see CFIN members featured/quoted in Vogue and Business of Fashion.