Learning more and more about the fashion industry everyday, sometimes I get lost in the problems of the industry. Focusing on problems and looking for ways to solve them can be frustrating, causing me to ask if people in the industry still care. However, the opportunity to attend Vogue’s 125th’s anniversary Forces of Fashion conference has been eye opening and beyond insightful. In an ever changing and fast paced society, it is comforting to hear the industry’s biggest influencers are aware of the problems and are actively addressing these problems in some ways. My biggest idol in the industry is Stella McCartney who spoke of her passion to seek out innovation and technology in order to promote sustainability and ethical practices. Her determination to stick to her values combined with her passion to solve problems has made her stand out despite doubts within the industry. It makes me happy and more inspired than ever to see the industry’s biggest influencers are caring for the environment and other societal needs. Overall, the biggest takeaway was the surreal optimism and passion everyone had for their own perspective on fashion.  From designers to industry leaders, it was clear that these influencers are successful and leaders for a reason, they all stay true to their own values and work hard to get to where they are today.